Airline travel is getting more ridiculous by the day. Ongoing personal body searches, the constant worry that you might have a fingernail clipper in your carry-on bag, and the fear of walking through the metal detector nearly naked, shoeless, and vulnerable is enough to dampen the mood a fun getaway.

A Minnesota man has learned that Tweeting about such experiences is also a no-no in not-so-calm world of air travel. Duff Watson told WCCO-TV that he was flying home to the Twin Cities from Denver Sunday when he had a disagreement with the ticket agent.

Watson, a priority boarding "A-List" passenger with Southwest Airlines, said he and his children, who are not "A-listers," should be able to board together. The agent disagreed and said the kids would have to board later. Watson replied with, "That's a real nice way to treat an A-Lister. I'll be sure to tweet about it."

And that's exactly what he did as soon as he and his 2 children were finally able to board. He recalled tweeting something like, "'Wow, rudest agent in Denver. Kimberly S, gate C39, not happy @SWA."

It was then, before takeoff, that the three of them were asked to leave the plane, according to Watson. The agent saw the tweet and felt that her safety was threatened. Okaaaay...

They were allowed back on the plane only if he deleted the tweet.

I did not see the tweet as threatening, but the incident is under review.

Southwest is attempting at least some sort of damage control. Watson said he and his children each received a $50 voucher from the airline, but has vowed to never fly Southwest again.