Public Information Officer Sam Clemens reported during the Monday news briefing that around 10:30 Friday evening Sioux Falls Police were called to the report of a fight in the area of West 74th Street & Mogen Ave.

The call was for a bunch of people that were fighting. At one point someone claims to have heard a gunshot.

Once the law enforcement officers arrived they didn't find anything. There was a conversation with individuals allegedly involved in the fighting but they would not give any details as to what had happened.

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A little bit later a 20-year-old man showed up at a Sioux Falls hospital with a gunshot wound to his "buttocks”. The butt shot 20-year-old refused to say what happened, didn't seem worried about it and indicated he would take care of things on his own.

Indications were that a number of people were involved in the fight. It's unknown what the fight was over or who may have fired a gun. Sioux Falls Police will continue to investigate.

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