According to the Sioux Falls Police Department around 4:00 Sunday afternoon, a 13-year-old girl was shot in northern Sioux Falls.

The victim was in a car with four other people. The five people in the car were all teenagers. One of the teens had made arrangements to sell something. It's not knowing what was being sold. The shooting occurred around 30th Place North and Fiero Place in North Sioux Falls.

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Google Maps

The group met the suspect who was trying to buy something. The suspect approached the car where the 5 teens were and at some point pulled out and shot a gun. A 13-year-old girl was struck by a bullet in her upper leg. It doesn't appear that she was the intended target.

After the suspect left, the girl was taken to the hospital and the police were called. She remained in the hospital overnight for observation with a non-life-threatening injury.

The Sioux Falls Police don't have a whole lot of information at this time. They have been trying to track down everyone in the car and have been able to identify most of the people. Police may be looking for one or two more.

SFPD does not have much information on the suspect but is continuing to investigate. If you having any information on this or other crimes please call Sioux Empire Crime Stoppers at 605-367-7007.

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