According to Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens at about 3:30 Monday morning a man in a Gas Station at 41st & Western Ave. in Sioux Falls stole a bottle of Jagermeister liquor.

After grabbing the bottle of booze he then ran out the door to his car. The 29-Year-Old clerk of the Gas Station chased after him out to the parking lot.

The suspect then bumped the clerk with the car and the clerk jumped onto the hood of the vehicle. At that point, the suspect drove away with the store clerk still on the hood of the car.

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They went north on Western Ave. for about ½ a block when the car slowed down and the clerk was able to get off the hood with no injuries.

The Sioux Falls Police will be going through the store's surveillance camera footage to see if they can identify the vehicle and suspect.

The only Gas Station at the corner of 41st Street and Western Ave. is a Holiday Station.

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