Name one thing that you learned to do as a kid, did for a short time period, maybe out-grew, and now you've rediscovered how fun it was that you are doing it again.

I'm sure there is quite a list you could come up with. How about when you couldn't wait until your dad came home from work to play catch? Sounds simple now doesn't it? But that's a memory I'll never forget. Especially when he worked outside in the heat all summer and made time for me throwing that ball as high as he could. Or taking me to the swimming pool to cool off.

Learning to fish from my grandparents was such a life lesson. Yes, my parents were happy to be relieved of me for an afternoon but I learned how to not hook my grandma’s hair with a casting rod. It also taught me patience. And that it's OK to pee outside behind a tree. In my adult life, I found fly fishing to be the bomb.

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Snatching and eating cookie dough got me into trouble more times than I can count. So at that young age, my mom said, "If you want cookies, you need to learn how to make them." Made my first solo batch at age 9. And now I do most of the cooking in our house.

You may have had lots of time to play board games as a kid then grew out of that phase. Most likely for today's generation, all games are electronic. Visiting with a coworker recently, he and his wife recently rediscovered some of the board games he grew up with too.

And then there is sitting down to read a book. It was of course required in school but for me, getting interested in 250 pages wasn't appealing. Now, my wife complains that's all I do. Every night after dinner. Yes, we like to watch TV but if the cable was ever cut I would survive on Jeffrey Archer, Clive Cussler, Brad Thor, Lee Child, and many many more.

What things have you rediscovered?

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