Last week, Lunchbox went to the Crater of Diamonds State Park along with Abby to see if he could find any diamonds. He spent an entire day out at the park digging and came up with nothing besides some rocks he claimed to look like celebrities.

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But as it turns out, just a few days later a couple found the biggest diamond at the park this year. Noreen and Michael Wredberg stopped by the park on vacation and after 40 minutes of walking in the park, they found something sitting on top of the surface that was all shiny. The diamond weighs more than four carats, is bout the size of a jellybean, and is a lemonade yellow color. The diamond is one of 258 diamonds visitors have found and registered at the Crater of Diamonds this year and the biggest among them.

 Bobby Bones shared the story with Lunchbox on the air today (October 4) and he was in disbelief. He was upset that he was just at the park and only a few days later this big diamond was found. Not only that, he's still reeling after Abby shared that she brought home some things from the park as well and there may be some items of value her in findings.
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