Last week on the show, our phone screener Abby talked about some bad dating experiences she's been having lately via dating apps. She talked with Bobby Bones for a bit about how her first dates will always go so well, but she never gets asked on a second date and sometimes it ends up that the person ghosts her. She's frustrated with the dating going on in today's world. Abby also confessed to Bones that she does divulge a lot about her on first dates, and he encouraged her to pull back some to leave some mystery for a second date.

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After hearing this whole segment, Lunchbox pitched an idea to catfish Abby through the dating apps she's on. He said he would get on a dating app and act like a really awesome guy to match with Abby. We'd hear her talk about this awesome guy on the show, and then when they go to meet in person it would be Lunchbox and he would record her reaction.

The segment idea did not have show members on the same page though. Eddie and Scuba Steve both said the segment would be really funny to see play out. However, Amy and Morgan both said that if the segment ended up happening they would likely quit the show because it was so wrong.

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