During a big storm months ago, Lunchbox's roof got damaged from hail. He got it checked out by two different companies and he was able to get an insurance check for thousands of dollars to get the roof fixed.

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However, instead of wanting to fix the roof right now, Lunchbox wanted to use the insurance check towards a vacation or something fun. He told his wife they should use it now for a vacation and just worry about the roof getting fixed later. Lunchbox's wife said that's insurance fraud and they definitely shouldn't do that. However, when he brought it to the show today (November 11) Lunchbox was told it is not insurance fraud. It's likely his wife just told him that because she wants to get the roof fixed with the money.

Now that he knows it's not insurance fraud, Lunchbox really wants to use the money for a vacation. The show noted that it's probably not the best idea though because he's still going to need that same amount of money to fix the roof at a later date.
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