Lunchbox is one of the most talked-about personalities on The Bobby Bones Show. I spend half the morning trying to figure out if it's an act, or if he's serious. One thing I am certain of, the guy is Funny! Listen to The Bobby Bones Show weekday mornings from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on KIKN 100.5 and on your KIKN Country App.

Lunchbox took Baby Box to his first ever haircut. He was so excited to see how Baby Box would do during his first official cut. However, something went down that made the whole situation sour.

Like most barbershops do for kids, they put Baby Box in a fun toy car to make his experience a little easier. However, they put Baby Box in a pink car. Lunchbox was upset that they put Baby Box in a pink car since he's a guy. So because of that, Lunchbox decided he wasn't going to tip the full amount, instead, he tipped half of what he originally planned to do. He said that all of the cars in the barbershop were open for the kids, so the stylist really could have chosen anyone to put Baby Box in. But the stylist put him in a pink one. While the stylist did a great job on the haircut, Lunchbox still tipped less all because of the pink car.

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