Although Lifelight is bringing in national bands and artists such as American Idol contestant Colton Dixon, Skillet and Michael W. Smith, there are artists right here from Sioux Falls being showcased on a variety of the 5 concert stages.  Lifelight is Aug 29th to 31st and admission is free.

Tin Man Revival is one of the newer local bands with a promising future and they take the main stage Sunday Aug 31st.  I've known lead vocalist & acoustic guitarist Daniel Brunz literally from the day he was born... a great guy, amazing family and very passionate about music! Robert Kortus is on electric guitar, Jordan Loftis on drums and percussion, Judd Albrecht on bass and Katie Doohen backup vocals.


Rachel Hope invites you to catch her on stage and join in:

I will be singing along with my band on the Triple Shot Stage Sunday at 3:00 at LifeLight! I will also be helping at the Sunday morning worship service with Geoff Moore.

Is it me, or is it really cool to see the State Theater Sign on Phillips Ave flashing in the background of this video:


Hearing FOG (Flame on Gospel) through the years, I actually thought they were out of Nashville or LA and digging a bit deeper, here I discover they're Sioux Falls boys! They are: Zach Sieff, Manny Guitierrez, Adam Sieff and Tamien Dysart.

I bet you can spot the backgrounds of the Historic Landmark off North Cliff Ave, and many locations in Downtown Sioux Falls.

One of the guys in the band SieffStyle talks about their music:

F.O.G. is a group of 4 who seek to build a bridge for those turned off to church.  We use crazy beats, potent lyrics and inviting energy to ignite.