I was over at Dakotafest in Mitchell and was chatting with Doc Barz.  It's an easy thing to do. Chat with Doc Barz.  I'm not sure how we got started and I'm not sure if I've heard it somewhere else before but he said something that got the whole group buzzing.  He said...

It's an old weather tale that we'll have our first big snow storm or winter event 90 days after your first foggy morning in the summer.

Anyone on their way to Dakotafest will tell you that August 20th was one foggy morning.  The pic that I took, (with the Samsung Galaxy S4) is looking east from the Salem, SD rest area.  It was a foggy morning.

So, according to Doc Barz from Northwest Veterinary and Supply,

If you have travel plans for the weekend before thanks giving you might want to re-think those plans.

Old wives tale or not, we marked it on the calender and are going to keep track.