Lifelight 2014 is in the books and what a weekend it was! Lifelight coined this year "Reset" to encourage all of us attending to think about our faith and how it can be a reset in our lives.

Despite the rainy weather, the crowd sloshed through the mud and had a great time. It wasn't just a little bit of mud either.  Lifelight quickly earned a new nick name on social media:  #mudfest and #mudfest2014.

Colton Dixon put on a great show. The former American Idol certainly didn't seem like a newbie as he took the stage with confidence and challenged the audience to live out their faith without limits.  It's cool too that his new release Anchor was launched while he was right here with us at Lifelight.

Skillet was absolutely incredible! Anytime you feel the bass flowing right through your body, you know it's gonna be a good concert.

A few new things this year included the transformation of the art barn into a full fledged coffee house. Stopping by and seeing a few unplugged songs Daniel Brunz from Tin Man Revival was impressive.  If you didn't get a chance to hear the band, they perform again this Friday here in Sioux Falls.

Michael W. Smith's performance was the grande finale of Lifelight this year.  The hearty crowd enjoyed the songs while wearing garbage bags, mud boots, or just giving up on shoes all together and going barefoot.

Everyone that goes to Lifelight has their own personal story to share about their experience. One of our crazier moments happened when my daughter Jenna and I decided to walk back to our car to take a break, get out of the rain and check the concert schedule. Because our shoes were so muddy, we left them outside the car and hopped in with bare feet. After having walked around Lifelight for 7 hours the day before and 3 hours on Sunday, I decided it was just time to go home instead of going back into the grounds. It wasn't until getting home to Brandon that I realized.... I drove off leaving my shoes on the ground in the parking area. It was another hour round trip drive back to retrieve them...still sitting right where I had left them.

A little rain...or maybe a lot of rain won't stop great music, amazing people to gather with and a chance to contemplate a personal reset in our own lives. Come rain or shine we'll be there next year, ready to take in the largest free Christian Music Festival in South Dakota.   Thanks to everyone at Lifelight and the team of volunteers, making the annual event a perfect way to wrap up the summer.