Shane Profitt's approach to country songwriting is timeless. The Tennessee native's introduction is called "How It Oughta Be" and it should be no surprise that it's flying up radio airplay charts.

David Frasier and Mitch Oglesby helped Profitt pen a simple, what-I-stand-for kind of lyric that doesn't deviate from a song structure used thousands of times to create hits. Profitt proves to be a strong vocalist in the style of early Luke Combs, although this song doesn't allow him to prove that he has that same kind of emotional and vocal range.

Another rocker called "Better Off Fishin'" shows he has that kind of power. "How I Oughta Be" is a lyric-driven country-rocker that's guaranteed to evoke the same kind of "Hell yeah!" emotions from every red-blooded fan.

There aren't going to be many people that object to the premise of "How It Oughta Be." Teachers should be paid more and playgrounds should be safe. The jury is still out on Profitt's mama's fried chicken, but we'll take his word for it. About the most controversial thing he says is "a buggy full of groceries oughta be cheaper than rent." He's right, but that is sure to cue up the buggy vs. basket vs. shopping cart debate.

Did You Know?: Shane Profitt signed with BMLG Records in partnership with Harpeth 60 Records, a venture started by Chris Janson.

Listen to Shane Profitt's "How It Oughta Be":

Shane Profitt's "How It Oughta Be" Lyrics:

A backyard oughta be a safe place for kids to play / Teachers oughta get doctor's and lawyer's pay / I don't know about you, but if you ask me / That's how it oughta be.

Cold beer oughta be too cold to hold / Somethin' good about somebody's all that oughta be told / The world oughta try a piece of Mama's chicken / Feel the love around her tabletop in the kitchen and / Oughta be off your ass when that anthem gets sung / All our friends oughta live to be too old to die young / Ain't how it is, but I believe / That's how it oughta be.

I think 87 octane oughta be ninety-nine cents / A buggy full of groceries oughta be cheaper than rent / Don't know why it ain't, but if you ask me / That's how it oughta be.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

BMLG Records
BMLG Records

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