Last week, Lunchbox pitched the Bobby Bones Show a new business idea for Valentine's Day coming up. He wanted to make reservations all over the country in big cities at the best restaurants. Then he planned to post online that he had the reservations for anyone who wanted to buy them from him at $75 a pop. He only claimed 5 reservations to start his business off.

One of those reservations was at a special restaurant in Las Vegas. A listener from Las Vegas called into the Bobby Bones Show today because he wanted to buy the Las Vegas reservation from Lunchbox. He told the show that he hadn't made a reservation yet and it's hard to make them in Las Vegas at any time because of all the tourists. He also confessed that his wife would likely think it was cool that he purchased the reservation from Lunchbox. When the listener called into the show, Lunchbox was so excited to make his first deal with this business idea. The show plans to get an update from our listener after Valentine's Day to see how the entire deal actually went over and if it was smooth sailing.

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