Back in March, we had the privilege to be joined by Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken to discuss the beginning stages of combating COVID-19.

He was candid, honest, and informative all during a very difficult time.

Now that we fast forward a month later, COVID-19 has ripped through the United States with over 63,000 deaths and seen Sioux Falls make national headlines with the Smithfield packing plant becoming a hot spot.

Through it all, the Mayor and the city as a whole have been forced to adapt daily to a changing environment.

Since some restrictions are being lifted, we had a chance to be joined again by Mayor TenHaken and asked him the questions the citizens would like to hear answers to.

We asked him about Smithfield, the new policies for the city of Sioux Falls, his working relationship with the Governor of South Dakota as well as many more questions pertaining to the current state of the city.

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