I drove by the white Shield vehicle in traffic a couple weeks back, and did a double take.

We were heading in opposite directions, but I remember thinking I could have swore it said "Marvel Agent of Shield" on the side. Then it just so happens I wind up in the same parking lot, and there it is this time, parked.

Along with my fellow superhero nerds out there I could appreciate the creativity, and dedication behind the customization of someone's personal car.

This isn't the first time I've seen someone's personal ride in a parking lot make me take out my camera in full fan mode.

Not sure what the motivation behind the cars owner is, but I like that keeps other people like me on the road guessing.

Last year when I was coming out of the Sertoma Butterfly House. KA-Chow! Lightning McQueen! 

With the 3rd installment of Cars hitting the theater this summer I'm sure this red beast will be turning some heads.

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