Kickin' Country is now a Townsquare Media Station.  In short, they get digital.  We feel like we have always had a good feel for the listeners to Kickin' Country.   But we also knew that times and things are changing.

Face it, grandma now has a Facebook account.  (I'm a fan of my Mom in more ways than one) All over the world grand babies are helping grandpa and grandma with computers.  Smart phones like the one I use courtesy of Sprint in Sioux Falls (Samsung Galaxy S3) are being mastered by people who learned to use a phone with a rotary dial.  There is nothing in the world cooler than a grandpa type old man whipping out a phone and crankin' up a call home with speed dial.

In short, we're learning.  Our Facebook is exploding with new "likes".  Many of our new likes are people we already know.  We just hadn't hooked up digitally.   Our Twitter picks up new followers every day and we follow more tweeters too!  This past weekend I listened to Kickin' Country in Aberdeen on our Radio Pup Ap you can download for your smart phone.

When our boss Jake hired Tony we brought a guy into the building that helped us all realize that we've known the alphabet for years.  We just didn't know how to put them in order to form words.

In short, radio in a digital age doesn't scare us any more.  Our Facebook account isn't a way to sell anything to you,  it's a way to communicate with you.  And the conversation is good!

So Jo, thanks for the kind words about the new web-site.

We may just be getting started with it but it's great when someone finally points the direction and says this is how this works!

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