This past year has been a whirlwind here at Kickin' Country.  Promotion after Promotion! Concert after concert.  Event after event.  We're not done!

Starting Monday, October 28th the Kickin' Country Secret Sound is Back!

Kickin' Country General Manager Don Jacobs said:

To 'Kick' it all off Monday morning, be listening early. (6:00 a.m.) We'll be starting 'earlier' this first day.  Hey, we have a lot to squeeze in on Monday.  Oh, and I would let your friends know, we are giving away CASH.  Every hour!

That first day will be big in itself.  But 'after' that first day, we're just wondering.  What dollar amount should we put into the daily jackpot?  Obviously, we'll want it 'big enough' to be impressive. We'll be asking you for your input on this too.

Part of the 'history' of Kickin' Country, was The Kickin' Country Secret Sound.  We gave away 'thousands' of dollars' to hundreds of happy Kickin' Country listeners. Monday October 28th, the most 'talked about' promotion in Kickin' Country's 20 year history is back!  The Kickin' Country Secret Sound!

So, where does that leave our On-Line Listeners?  Remember, Kickin' Country is easy to listen to anywhere in the world.  You can listen on-line though our web-site at or you can download the Radio Pup and take us anywhere-anytime on your handheld device.

Reach out to your Facebook and Twitter friends. Let them know. Who knows, maybe they'll share with you!