It's hard to believe, but we're already up to Secret Sound #13 here at Kickin' Country.  First off, thank you for listening to Kickin' Country. We recently had another winner with The Kickin' Country Secret Sound.

Congratulations to Betsy from Lennox. Betsy correctly identified Kickin' Country's Secret Sound #13

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1. Every House has at least one.

Here is a list of incorrect guesses for The Kickin' Country Secret Sound.

  • Dropping a Book on a Desk
  • Drawer Opening and Shutting
  • Pin Ball Machine
  • Pool Ball Dropping in Table
  • Large Format Paper Punch
  • Ice Falling out Of An Ice Machine
  • Patio Door Shutting
  • Shutting a Window
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Closing a Cupboard
  • Popping Popcorn
  • Vending Machine
  • Putting Quarters in a Pool Table
  • Dew Dropping of a Downspout
  • Dishwasher Door Opening and Closing
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Dropping Ball on a Foose Ball Table
  • Large Paper Cutter
  • Large Stapler
  • Changing Film in X-Ray Machine
  • Binder Open and Close
    • Ski-Ball
    • Empty Jug in a Recycling Bin
    • Recliner
    • Vending Machine
    • Drop Down Door Stop
    • 3 Ring Binder
    • Line Dancing
    • Dropping a Bucket into a Bucket
    • Putting a Cup, into a Cup
    • Opening a Cardboard Box
    • Unlocking a Deadbolt Lock
    • Pool Ball Falling into a Pocket
    • Dropping a Ball on a Foos Ball Table
    • Dead Bolt Lock
    • Hitting a Hammer
    • Opening a Trash Can-Foot Open Model
    • Box Dropped Down Steps
    • Gas Pump Handle Back to Holder
    • Chess Piece Knocked Over
    • Dropping Wooden Mallet
    • Front Load Wash Machine at End of Cycle
    • Closing a Tool Box Drawer
    • Locking a gun case
    • Library stamping a date on a book
    • Package into a Mailbox
    • Industrial Stapler
    • Dropping a Golf Ball into the Cup
    • Opening a Safe Door
    • Tapping Fingers on a Guitar
    • Gumball Dropping from a Machine
    • Closing a Crisper Drawer on Fridge
    • Sheet Rock Falling to Ground
    • Loading and Shooting a Nerf Gun
    • Hitting a Ball on a Foose Ball Table
    • Dog going through a Dog Door
    • Pin Ball Machine
    • Paper Towel Dispenser at Carwash
    • Pop Vending Machine
    • VCR Tape Going In
    • Piecing Scaffolding Together
    • Bathroom Scale
    • Putting Lid On Container and Closing it
    • Self Inking Stamp
    • Nail Gun
    • Opening and Closing a Box
    • Closing a Heavy Door
    • Time Clock
    • Drumming Fingers on a Desk
    • Closing Lid on a Keurig
    • Credit Card in ATM
    • Old Roller Shade Adjusting
    • Turnstyle
    • Can Crusher
    • Glovebox on a Car
    • Putting a Coffee Pot Back in a Coffee Maker
    • Opening a Briefcase
    • Soda Can Crusher
    • Stacking Cups
    • Strapping up a Ski Boot
    • Automatic Door Locks on a Car
    • Microwave Door Closing
    • Plunger
    • Coin Operated Wash Machine
    • Popping Popcorn
    • Microwave Door Closing (2)
    • Balls in a Pinball Machine (2)
    • Resetting a fuse breaker
    • Folding Attic Ladder
    • Lazy Susan
    • The Lock on an Oven Door
    • A Fuse Breaker
    • Turning the Stove Burner on and Off
    • Cup Falling on a Floor/Counter
    • Opening a Locked Window
    • Toilet Lid Closing
    • Opening and Closing a Front Door
    • Open and close a Door

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