Hey folks, Randy here. There's an event coming up that I'd like to tell you about.
I am one of the many local folks here in the Sioux Falls area who received the news: I have cancer. And so I am on a journey I didn't want and really, never thought about. But here it is.
Now, the good news is I've discovered there are a lot of people who are here to help me and the other people who are also going down this path.
randy mcdaniel

 Which brings me to the Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies is a group sponsoring a 'Kickin' Cancer Jam' on Sunday, April 14th at the El Riad Shrine in Sioux Falls. And what a jam it's going to be!
There will be music featuring The Neo Johnsons, Ledfoot, Downboys, Serious Shirley, and Punk 101.
Terry Jacobs TSM
Terry Jacobs TSM
 But hold on, there's a lot more!
This family-friendly event will feature a Larchwood Style Dart Tournament, raffles, silent auction, and bake sale. And yes, you could score a 75" TV including a sound bar!
A $10 donation at the door gets you a meal ticket.
And now, the best news of all: All proceeds benefit local families!
Ben Kuhns

On a personal level, I have been strengthened to know that, as the Pink Ladies say, No One Fights Alone.

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