Some people just don't get it. Well, we might say some people make a living out of bucking trends and making it look like they don't get it. Take for instance Lunchbox from The Bobby Bones Show [Monday through Friday 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on The New 99-1 AND 100.5, KIckin' Country. 

As punishment, Lunchbox has to watch every episode of NCIS: Sydney. He’s watched only one episode so far and he has until Friday (1/19) to watch three more episodes and share his review. He will also be asked questions about the episodes that he must get right to prove he truly watched them.

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If he does not, he will have to spin the wheel of punishment again. Here are the options on the wheel:

  • Fridge smoothie - He’d have to make a smoothie out of whatever is in the fridge at work.
  • Forced charity - He has to go into a coffee shop and buy a small item and tip $100 of his own money to charity.
  • LB Web Block - He’s banned from using Facebook and all word and puzzle sites for three months.
  • Abby’s Number One Fan - He needs to promote Abby’s music every day for a week on his Instagram and he has to listen to “Hey There Hometown” for one hour after the show in Bobby Bones office.
  • Be reunited with Jake the snake from the Nashville Zoo.  

Lunchbox has to watch all three episodes by the end of the week and give a review on Monday, January 22nd.

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