There's another little-known border battle that will become very evident in the next several weeks between Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. All the players have been in training since this spring and now it's time for you to bring your best game out of the field. The cornfield!

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Living in this part of the country there is one staple in almost every household. Corn! And, sweet corn rules at every farmer's market, every backyard barbeque, and every county, and state fair.

But who has the best way to serve these golden hand-helds? Boiled, grilled, fried, or creamed? Please help the person who creams fresh sweet corn. They need to be slapped or sent to therapy.

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After asking around the office I learned what mostly I expected. Many keep it simple when eating sweet corn. Our resident Iowan boils the ears and spreads butter and salt.

My coworker sitting outside my office likes the Minnesota State Fair and she particularly goes for the grilled corn on the cob.

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Personally, my family grew up waiting for the ears to cool just enough from the boiling water to butter and salt each ear.

During our camping days, my wife and I liked to wrap each ear with bacon and grill it over an open fire. Welcome to Fat Corn!


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