The name Grade Siding, South Dakota didn't seem, well, sexy enough! It just didn't seem suitable for a fine South Dakota prairie town. Nope, Grade Siding wouldn't work at all. But what to call our new community? Hmmm...

Then they saw it. There was a safe sitting there in Grade Siding, a Marvin safe. And so it was decided.

Grade Siding became Marvin, South Dakota U.S.A.

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34 folks strong according to the 2010 census, Marvin is happily located in Grant County. Now, if you're not all that familiar with South Dakota counties, just think Milbank. You know where Milbank is, nestled up in the northeast part of the Sunshine state, right? Well, Milbank is the Grant County seat, and Marvin isn't too far from Milbank. Just swing on into Milbank, have a cup of coffee and those fine folks will point you to Marvin.

Now while Marvin perhaps doesn't boast the history of, say, Deadwood or Yankton, it was the home (well, almost home) of Blue Cloud Abbey, which was located nearby. The Benedictine monastery was founded in 1950 and was open until 2012 when the Benedictine monks decided to close their monastery. A year or so later a catholic nonprofit organization took over the property and is now called Abbey of the Hills Inn and Retreat Center.

And while South Dakota is filled with well over 800,000 friendly folks, 34 of the friendliest live in Grade Siding...oops, I mean Marvin.

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