A small Minnesota town, Wanamingo, in Southern Minnesota is set to demolish its iconic water tower soon. The city itself, took some time yesterday to give tribute to the tower that has stood guard over the town for the last few decades, and in some ways defined that town. For many small towns in Minnesota, a water tower is more than a means of getting water, it's a point of pride and accomplishment.


That small town water tower is a sense that your hometown has made it! Many water towers have big bold letters that spell out the city one letter at a time around the outside of the tank that sits high above the other buildings in town.

The small town water tower silently stands guard over the town, watching kids grow up, play baseball, and ride bicycles down to the convenience store.

It's a welcoming beacon to those that reside in town, and those coming to visit. It's a landmark to direct wayward travelers looking for direction. It's something that we all take for granted in the background of life, but when they are gone they leave larger-than-life holes in the sky.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with different colors, characters, and fonts. Some are built to resemble other items (I'm looking at you Sauk Rapids balloon tower), and others are utilitarian.

No matter what's written on the outside, a small-town water tower is so much more than a means for getting water, it's sometimes the only identity a small town has, and that is why we love small-town water towers.

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