Fog and freezing rain slowed travel this morning through most of southeastern South Dakota. Arriving to work at 4:00 AM was just the beginning to a very busy morning. It didn't take too long for the calls to start coming in about the icy roads.

Here's a timeline of what a wintery morning looks like from our studio:

5:11 AM - Caller reported bad accident involving a semi-truck and a car near Worthing - or about 7 miles south of the Tea exit.

5:17 AM - Man called about the same accident saying traffic was backed up going north and the scene "was bad."

5:19 AM - Caller said he were driving to Sioux falls from canton on Highway 11 and the roads weren't "too bad as long as you didn't have to stop or turn."

5:29 AM - Woman called to say that as you travel west the roads appear to get better. She was driving from Alexandria to Mitchell at around 60 mph.

5:34 AM - Caller said two semi truck collided a mile and a half west of Madison on Highway 34.

5:57 AM - We learned traffic was being re-routed to county roads so motorists can get around the accident near the Worthing exit.

6:09 AM - Caller said wind was actually blowing their vehicle into the other lane. Commute was taking much longer than normal.

6:14 AM - "As far as I know, the roads are just fine. I'm doing 65. Weeee!!!" We hope this pinhead made it to work safely.

6:28 AM - Female caller said road in town we "not too bad" as it looked as if the sanders were out before her.

6:34 AM - Caller said Louise Avenue near Klondike road was terrible.

6:46 AM - Female called and said wind was causing her vehicle to "swerve a little bit."

6:56 AM - "Dumb a$$ went around me at 80 mph minutes ago. He now in the ditch."

7:02 AM - Gentleman called to say traffic was blocked by trooper from Rowena tower to Brandon northbound due to accident.

7:19 AM - Caller said I-29 northbound is back open after an accident shut it down for nearly two hours.

7:36 AM - Pepsi truck hits parked car on E. 10th street, according to Argus 911. We recommend not opening those cans quite yet.

7:52 AM - Caller said roads were starting to get better after sanders were out. She traveled from Sioux Falls to Salem.

7:59 AM - We witnessed our co-workers "doing the Tudball" into the building (the slow walk immortalized by Tim Conway in the classic Carol  Burnett shows)

8:14 AM - I personally did "the Tudball" to take the photo you see above.

That is just a sampling of the calls we received Tuesday morning. Thanks for ALL of the calls. It really helps folks just setting out for the day. Take a listen to sweet mixed montage of awesome callers.



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