Radio. The original wireless device. Radio has been around for a long time. It's been used to transmit some of the most iconic events in world history. Today, radio still does that and so much more. Whether it's information, news, sports, or music, radio remains a reliable source of information for hundreds of millions of Americans each week. And unlike print media that literally yesterday's news, information radio is instantly updated.

On August 20, we celebrate National Radio Day.

Radio has been up against the ropes many times since its inception. In the 50s, many people thought radio was done as TV gained popularity, but radio's popularity grew even stronger. Portable music players like the Walkman and later the iPod arrived and radio has survived. Now the smartphone is here and radio adapted through the use of apps that allow people to listen to their favorite hometown station anywhere in the world.

As explains, we typically credit Gugliemo Marconi with the invention of the radio in the 1890s, but in reality, the process took decades. Many scientists made small contributions to the task, whether it was in the areas of electromagnetic induction, electric conduction, or radio waves. It was a huge undertaking.

The first officially licensed radio station in the US was KDKA-AM in Pittsburg in November of 1920, and it's still on the air today. A few years later, in 1926, KSOO-AM in Sioux Falls had its first broadcast. The first FM broadcasts began in 1939 with the widespread use of FM stereo broadcasts beginning in the late 1950s.

There is an amazing amount of technology and planning that goes on behind the scenes to make sure your favorite content is always 'on the air' when you 'tune-in'.

In Sioux Falls, Results Radio and Townsquare Media has seven great radio stations that provide news, sports, and music 24 hours a day. Have a listen!

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