It's that time of year that homeowners across the Midwest and country prepare for Winter with several preventative chores.

Raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and making sure homes are insulated properly are just a few things on the to-do list these days.

In areas with a lot of snow and ice, there is a debate on whether or not to cover your outdoor air conditioning unit during the Winter season.

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Per an article on DeZiel HVAC, there are pros and cons to covering your exterior air conditioning unit.

First off, there is no absolute correct answer.

In general, outdoor air conditioning units are built to withstand typical winter conditions. But if using material that promotes proper airflow, a cover can provide extra protection against debris and damage. 

The article explains a bit of the logic of both sides of the argument. Here are some of the downsides of covering your air conditioning compressor:

..air conditioning units need airflow so moisture can evaporate and be removed from the metal surface.

Here are a few risks you bring on by improperly covering your AC.

  • Corrosion to internal components
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Moisture freezing and damaging coils
  • Animals taking shelter underneath the cover and chewing wires

As for the other side of the argument, it can't hurt to just cover the top portion of the unit:

If it makes you more comfortable to protect your AC, the best way to do it is with a cover just on the top of the compressor. Avoid covering the sides all the way to the ground, or you may end up trapping moisture.

  • In the fall, a cover to prevent leaves, seeds, and other debris from dropping or getting blown into the unit, specifically the fins. These items can attract moisture or small animals that can cause damage to internal components.
  • In the winter, a cover can protect against the impact of hail or falling icicles from gutters. After heavy snowstorms, it’s also a good idea to brush off the top of the AC.

It's all good information to have at this time of the year, as the temperature continues to drop and our area prepares for snowfall sooner than later.

Source: DeZiel HVAC

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