In January, I took on the Downtown Burger Battle and now in March, I am taking on Mash Madness. Apparently, when it comes to food and drink, if you make it a competition, I have to do it.

Mash Madness is a battle between beers and the downtown breweries!

The first round, The Hoppy Ten, you try each of the two beers the brewery has nominated and then the second round, you go back and vote on the winner from the previous round.

The breweries involved are Fernson on 8th, Remedy, Woodgrain, Miner Brewing Company at Prairie Berry, and Monks' House of Ale Repute & Gandy Dancer Brew Works.

We set out to try them all in one day, that was not a good idea. Especially since that day was Sunday.

Unfortunately, Miner Brewing Company at Prairie Berry was closed on Sunday. I could have sworn they do a brunch so I thought they would be open. We decided to go back before Chicago at the Washington Pavilion on Tuesday night. They were closed due to weather. So upon writing this, I have not gotten to try the Pineapple Milkshake or the Prickly Pear Cider. Some day I will!

P.S. Learn from my experience. Hydrate between beers and make sure you eat something before you start drinking.

P.S.S. I may have had a headache the next morning.

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