One of the most common activities for people to do over a weekend or on vacation is visit different breweries.  But only if you're 21-years or older of course!

Breweries are becoming more and more popular.  Zippia even went beyond the beer tap to find out which states have the most and least breweries in the United States.  This study is based on how many new craft breweries have popped up in each state.

Just to give you a little perspective, there are approximately 6,400 breweries in the country.  Think about all the endless brewery tour possibilities!

So with over 6,000 breweries across the country, you would think South Dakota tops the list with the most breweries, right?  Well, almost anyway.  The Mount Rushmore State did crack the top 15 on Zippia's list.

Based on the study from Zippia, the top ten states that have the most craft breweries per capita are as follows:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Montana
  4. Colorado
  5. Oregon
  6. Wyoming
  7. New Hampshire
  8. Alaska
  9. Washington
  10. New Mexico

Although Vermont only has 68 breweries in the state, they celebrated more new breweries opening over the last couple of decades than any other state.

These are the top ten states that have the least craft breweries per capita from Zippia:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. Alabama
  4. Georgia
  5. Texas
  6. Utah
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Arkansas
  9. New Jersey
  10. Nevada

Most of the states are located in the south.  Shockingly, Mississippi only has 14 craft breweries in the state.

So how many breweries are in the state of South Dakota?  A grand total of 33!   However, they rank #13 on Zippia's list because of the industry's growth within the state.

 You can look at this full study by clicking here.
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