For me, nothing beats an ice-cold one (or two) around a fire, with a group of close friends, on a summer night. But where did beer come from anyway? Which country drinks the most of it? And where is the oldest brewery in the world? It's Five O'clock somewhere, right? Here are some interesting facts about one of the world's most popular beverages.

How Long Has Beer Been Around?:  No one knows exactly who invented beer, but the evidence points to the fact that it's been around for about Twelve thousand years now! As soon as people started farming, beer was soon discovered.

Where's the Oldest Brewery?: The Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria, Germany is the world's oldest brewery that is still running. The Monks at the Abbey began brewing beer there way back in 1040.

What Country Drinks the Most Beer?: Germany? Ireland? Nope. Surprisingly, it's the Czech Republic. On average, they drink over 37 gallons of beer every year.

There Was Once A Beer Tsunami?: Well, sort of. In 1814 a large vat ruptured at a brewery in London, which sent over 300 thousand gallons of beer into the city streets. Sadly eight people died in the disaster.

The Guinness World Records Exists Because of Beer:  According to the Guinness World Record website, Guinness started the world record book to settle arguments that patrons were having in English Pubs in the 1950s.

Beer Can Withstand An Atomic Blast: It's true. In 1956, during the height of the cold war, scientists in the U.S. decided to place different beers around some of their atomic testing sites. And sure enough, the beer was still safe to drink after the nuclear explosions. So, if the apocalypse ever comes, at least you'll still have a good beer to drink!

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