The other night I get a text message from my brother Carl. He farms out in the Presho-Vivian area in south central South Dakota.

When I first looked at the picture I thought someone got a nice deer, had it mounted and took a picture of it out by some hay bales. Then I started reading the texts from Carl.

The texts read:  really happened. The Deer jumped over the bales to eat some distillers grain and got stuck there. He was there for a couple of days so he was kind of lethargic when he was discovered.

So I asked, 'did he die?'

His next text was. No, they got it out. Bad Ass Deer!

Yeah, you could say that. I don't know a lot about big deer, but I thought he might be in the 160 inch range (I'd love to know how big YOU think he is).

He went on to say he was down on the Perry Ranch southwest of Presho. They stack their bales in a circle and dump the distillers grain in the middle. It was trying to jump in for a quick high protein snack and slipped between to bales. Unreal!

His texts went on to say that when they got it out, it ran a few steps and fell down. I'm sure it was exhausted. I think it had been there a couple of days. It did finally get up and run off.

I'm thinking that's one buck that probably thought he was coyote chow. Or people chow. Sounds like they gave him a hall pass. Until next fall anyway.

UPDATE:  Here's a video of the farmer/ranchers using equipment to move the bales and actually free the deer.

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