After weighing their options in a very unusual incident police in Minnesota used a stun gun to free a live buck that was locked to the antlers of a dead deer.

The strange scene unfolded behind a home in Shorewood, Minnesota where a buck was found thrashing about trying to free itself from another buck with their antlers locked.

After carefully assessing the situation police along with a few residents used a Taser to temporarily stun the buck and to free it.

Unfortunately, one of the deer had already died when officers arrived. The live deer was violently jumping and thrashing in an attempt to free itself, and it was evident that it had been for a significant amount of time. Officers weighed multiple options, considering available resources, the safety of themselves and residents and the live deer itself. Officers employed the use of a Taser to temporarily incapacitate the deer and, with the help of a nearby resident, quickly cut an antler, freeing it. The deer then ran off.- South Lake Minnetonka Police Department

You can check out the full video here, but be warned, some may find the video to be disturbing in nature.

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