This could either be a case of sweet revenge or maybe a scene from a TV show called 'When Good Deer Go Bad.' Authorities in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, have reported a bow hunter was been attacked by the deer that he wounded while hunting.

The 72-year old was hunting with a crossbow around 7:30 PM Friday night on January 2nd, 2015 when he wounded a doe with his arrow.

After realizing that the doe didn't go down the man started tracking the deer through some thick brush.

Authorities say the wounded doe wasn't going to go down without a fight, however.  As the hunter was tracking through the brush, the wounded doe jumped out at the man and struck him in the leg with her head.

The man was then taken to the hospital by ambulance. His condition is unknown. It's also not known if the doe got away.

The 72-year old hunter was hunting with members of his family when the attack by the wounded doe happened.

Source:  Chicago Tribune