Ask any mom and dad, bath time is not always the easiest part of being a parent.  And honestly, I'm sure every parent reading this would (secretly) agree that there have been a few nights where baths have been skipped just so Mom and Dad didn't have to deal with the 'bath time fight'.

Good news moms and dads, according to a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), if this happens at your home - it's totally OK!

Here are a few guidelines to follow to help you decide to bathe or not to bathe.

The AAP recommends that babies younger than one-year old have a full bath three times a week or less. Any more than that can dry out an infant’s skin.

And the AAD says that kids between the ages of six and 11-years old only need a bath once or twice a week. Unless, of course, they are dirty, sweaty or have skin problems that would requires more frequent bathing, on advice from their pediatrician.

However, both the AAP and the AAD recommend that once the child enters puberty, a bath or shower a day is important!

If you are a parent that has no problems with a daily bath time routine, the AAP and AAD say, "That's OK, too!" Bathing a child everyday, a child of any age, isn’t dangerous and usually will not cause serious skin issues for your child.

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