Sorry Maroon 5 but apparently not everyone needs a little sweetness in their life. According to a new study, the average child has consumed 18 years' worth of sugar by the time they reach their 10th birthday.

The study was done by Public Health England, and it says that most 10-year olds will consume 304 pounds of sugar by the time they reach adulthood. It is recommended that the maximum amount of sugar for 10-year-olds is 20 to 24g a day - the equivalent of five sugar cubes. But kids today are taking in a lot more than that, with the average child consuming an average of 52.2g a day, eight more cubes than the average recommended level.

Now the study was done in the U.K. and did not say if this epidemic was nationwide but still these stats are scary. Help is available though, just do a search in your app store on your smartphone to see which app makes it easier to identify low-sugar options.



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