When it comes to moving out of the house, South Dakota's young adults jump at that chance right away.

Recently, a study was performed by 24/7 Wall St. as they researched which states young adults live with their parents the most. South Dakota showed up as number 49, which means that South Dakota's young adults are second in the nation when it comes to leaving their parent's house. Here are the results for South Dakota:

  • 18-34 yr. old population living with parent: 19.9%
  • Cost of living: 13.6% lower than nation (4th lowest)
  • Median age to get married: 26.3 (3rd youngest)

So what state came in at number one on the list? North Dakota, where the average 18-34 year old population living with parent is the lowest at 14.1%.

As for the states with the highest amount of young adults living with their parents are:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Connecticut
  3. New York
  4. Maryland
  5. Florida


Source: 24/7 Wall St

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