The time is now to start thinking about warmer weather and getting out on the water and catching some fish.

For many, purchasing a fishing license can be a afterthought when you are getting all the other things together in order to head out fishing.

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Many states now offer the option to purchase your fishing license online instead of having to go into a store to purchase it yourself.

So how do you buy a fishing license online in the state of Iowa?

Well, it is very easy.

All you have to do is click here and you can fill out all the information and pay online as well.

After you pay, you can either take a screenshot of the license, email it to yourself or print off a copy and make sure you have that on you at all times while fishing or on the water.

So be safe this year, enjoy the fishing and make sure you have your 2022 Iowa fishing license if you are out on the water in the state of Iowa.

For more information on fishing in Iowa, their fishing rules, and for more information on places to fish in the state, you can visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

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