OK, you've made it. Your resolution for the New Year. And THIS year you mean to keep it! Head down and full steam ahead...

And then right around the first of February, what happened?

We all all good intentions when we make that resolution, that promise to ourselves as we enter a new year. It starts out just fine, but we hit a 'speed bump' somewhere along the way. We careen off into the ditch and that gung-ho resolution seems to have been lost.


Well, there's as many reasons as there are resolutions I suppose, but Philly.com put together the five biggest reasons that we didn't keep that New Years resolution to...lose weight or stop smoking or save bucks or...take your pick.

Whether it's not having a specific plan or not being realistic, it takes more than just saying to yourself 'I'm going to improve my life in the new year' to actually make it happen.

So check out those 5 reasons resolutions fail, do your best to avoid them, and may the new year hold for you whatever you resolve!



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