There are now claims that the creepy clown scare that has been reported in several states along the east coast has finally made its way to South Dakota.

Several students in Rapid City schools have reported receiving threatening messages and friend requests from a site called phanom thaklown. The alleged social media messages state that people associated with the site are dressing like clowns and have supposedly been seen in Rapid City and around city schools.

Rapid City Area Schools, together with the Rapid City Police Department and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office have investigated such claims and have found no validity to the reports.

For some time now, people dressed up as creepy clowns have been reported throughout several eastern states. In one case a man armed with an ax chased one of the creepy clowns through a wooded area but was unable to catch him.

A group of Shriner’s clowns were forced to cancel a parade appearance in another state, due to the creepy clown phenomenon getting so out of hand.

For now, in South Dakota, the official word from authorities is there are no clowns around.

Source: KOTA Territory News

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