I've never had the fear of clowns like a lot of people acquired, and some of my friends don't even like the mention of the word clown.

When I was growing up, after going to a few circuses, I thought I might want to pursue a career as a clown. I should ask my mom if she still has pictures from when I entered a clown contest in middle school.

I don't remember all the details of the clown contest, but I do remember winning a ribbon for Best MakeupShout out to my mom for doing my makeup that day.

I also remember taking a bright orange marker, and a purple marker to some Converse shoes I wore for my clown get up.

Last year's creepy clowns craze had people with a fear of clowns all wound up.

Where the fear of clowns originates no one really knows, but Stephen King's book It probably didn't help.

For those of us who don't fear the clowns we will have to wait for September to see the It movie remake according to Fuse. Check out the entire article along with more pics and movie details.

I feel we should force those we love to face their fear of clowns, and at least make them watch the trailer.

Sources: Fuse

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