Halloween is fast approaching, and so are more, and more, creepy clown sightings.

The creepy clown phenomenon has spread to at least ten states, with individuals filing reports claiming to see people dressed as clowns lurking around.

In late August there were multiple reports in South Carolina of clowns trying to lure children into the woods with money.

Just this week at York College in Southern Pennsylvania there was a report of people dressed as clowns both on and off campus. There was also, another anonymous report of a car filled full of clowns carrying weapons. However, police were not able to locate the car or the clowns.

The creepy clown phenomenon has even made its way into South Dakota. With several Rapid City students claiming recently to have received messages and friend requests from a site called phanom thaklown. There were also reports circulating on social media of people allegedly claiming to see clowns hanging around Rapid City schools. After investigating police in Rapid City found no validity to those claims.

Even Sioux Falls has not been immune from creepy clowns. On Wednesday night (October 5) Argus 911 reported that police received a call from a resident claiming to see someone dressed as a clown jumping out and scaring drivers near Memorial Park.

One thing is for certain, plenty of people nationwide are getting the creeps from these clowns.

Just a little advice for what it's worth, dressing as a clown this Halloween probably wouldn't be the best idea. A Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump mask might be a safer bet. Then again, maybe not.

Source: The Argus Leader

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