Say goodbye to Holiday, and hello to Circle K!

One of the more prominent convenience store-gas station combos in the Sioux Empire is going through a name change starting this week.

Dakota News Now is reporting, the Sioux Falls Holiday Stations are about to go through a name transformation on the outside, but it will be business as usual inside.

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Over the next several weeks, residents of the Sioux Empire will begin to see all of the signage on the Holiday Station locations eventually begin to make the switch to Circle K on the exterior of the buildings. There will also be a few tweaks here and there on the inside as well, like; Circle K décor, employee uniforms, products, and programs that have already been introduced into local stores since the Circle K parent company Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. acquired the Holiday Station stores brand in 2017.

ACT Vice President of Operations, Gary Brant, told Dakota News Now, "We’re excited to begin a new era in Sioux Falls as Circle K while continuing to build on the proud Holiday heritage in this community. While the name on the building is changing, our commitment to making our customers’ lives a little easier every day has never been stronger. Our guests will still enjoy the same products and offerings they’ve known and loved. And over time, we’ll be enhancing their experience with innovative new products and services that Circle K is known for and continues to introduce globally.”

According to Dakota News Now, the Sioux Falls Holiday Stations are the first to be converted to the Circle K brand. The Holiday Station brand itself had grown to become the 18th largest convenience store chain in the U.S. With over 500 locations in states like; South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska.

The company Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. operates more than 14,100 convenience and fuel retail locations worldwide. As Dakota News Now reports, approximately 10,800 of those locations offer road transportation fuel.

The Sioux Falls Circle K rebranding effort has started off with their West 26th Street store.

ACT also has plans to tear down and rebuild the Sioux Falls location at 1731 South Cliff Avenue. A brand new Circle K store at that location will reopen for business later this summer.

All 12 of the Sioux Falls Holiday stations will be rebranded to Circle K stores within the next 6 weeks.

Source: Dakota News Now 


Sioux Falls Through The Generations

20 Years of Gas Prices' Ups and Downs

'Gas prices: giving us something to talk about with our coworkers for 20 years.' I don't remember where I first heard it, but that's the perfect way to describe all the pointless complaining sessions we all have taken part in over the years.

I don't much attention to the price of gas. Admittedly I do not work in a field that directly relies on equipment that takes gallons and gallons of gas. But, as an average car driver, I'm just going to pay whatever it costs. 

It's not that I don't care, I just know I don't have a choice. I'm going to need gas, so I'm going to pay whatever they charge. Kids gotta get to school and I gotta get to work. The only real choice is to drive or not to drive. Walking the ten-mile round trip to work every day is impractical, especially during one of South Dakota's patented six-month winters. 

Besides being low-key annoying, complaining about the price of gas is dumb because I remember things. Like that the price of gas has been up and down for at least 20 years. 2021 is no better or worse than 2003. It takes at least $40 to fill my tank this year just like it did in 2017.

But, why not dig into the photo archives and find some proof of memory. Because news stories about gas prices are the pointless small talk of journalism, there are lots of pictures of gas station signs from the last couple of decades. 

Starting in 2000 we can see that rise and fall of gas prices in the United States. World events, natural disasters, and economic changes all affect the price. And all through those years, I paid what was charged. 


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