Here's a story that will make you believe that kindness still exists in today's world.

KSFY TV reports that Hunter Shamatt, from Brandon, South Dakota was recently on a flight to Las Vegas for his sister’s wedding when he accidentally lost his wallet full of cash.

Shamatt told KSFY he discovered his wallet containing $60.00 in cash, and an additional un-cashed check for $400 in it was missing once he arrived in Vegas. At that point, Shamatt thought he would never see the cash or his wallet ever again.

That was until an early Christmas miracle arrived in his mailbox a few days later. According to KSFY, the mystery package contained Shamatt's missing wallet, still filled with money and a letter written by a Good Samaritan who found the wallet wedged inside a seat on a Frontier jet.

In the letter, the Samaritan wrote "Hunter found this on the Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver, row 12 seat F, wedged between the seat and the wall. Thought you might want it back.”

Not only did the mystery man who identified himself only by his initials return Shamatt's wallet and cash, as KSFY reports he also added a little extra bank to the missing wallet.

In the letter, the Samaritan wrote, “I rounded you cash up to an even $100 so you could celebrate having your wallet back. Have fun.”

Shamatt told KSFY that he was so moved by the act of kindness. Hunter is still paying off his school, and truck loans so every little bit of cash really helps. According to Shamatt, "I think that it goes to show that there’s more good out there than there is evil because this was just a random guy on the street. This shows that there are still good people out there.”

Thanks to the return address left on the letter to Shamatt, Hunter and his family were able to track down the Good Samaritan who lives in Omaha and express their gratitude.

Hunter told KSFY, fortunately he was able to thank the mystery man only known as Todd for his kindness and wishes him nothing but the best.

Source: KSFY TV

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