For the last couple of years, the housing market has been crazy. It's almost like once a house goes on the market, future home buyers immediately submit offers. You barely have time to look at the house before you buy it.

South Dakota is a state that is always welcoming new residents on a yearly basis. Sioux Falls is also growing at a rapid rate. However, despite being the largest city in the state, Sioux Falls is apparently not the top city when it comes to purchasing a home.
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A new survey from Niche named the best South Dakota city to buy a home. Although Sioux Falls did make the top ten list of Best Cities to Buy a House in America, it is not the best South Dakota city to purchase a house. That being said, the top city is not too far from Sioux Falls, and it's in the Sioux Empire. According to Niche, the city of Brandon is the Best Place to Buy a House in South Dakota. Harrisburg is ranked second in this survey.

So how did Niche come to the conclusion that Brandon is the best city to purchase a home in South Dakota? Researchers from Niche used various criteria to identify the Best Places to Buy a House in South DakotaNiche collects "data from sources like the Census and the FBI, then combine it with resident ratings." Researchers also examine the schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

The overall purpose of Niche is that it "helps students and parents find the schools and places to live that are right for them." Well if you're looking for a great place to continue your educational journey and possibly jumpstart your career, then take South Dakota, in general, is the place to be.

Congratulations to the city of Brandon for this recognition!


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