Brandon, South Dakota girl chugs a communion chalice in this video.

I remember my first communion vividly, for good or for bad. In fact, I still have a picture of my chubby (some things never change), seven-year-old self on that day.

I'm barely smiling, holding a prayerbook and rosary in my hands, staring at the camera, while my brains were being squeezed out of my ears by an excruciatingly tight headband. I kept whining to my Mom about it and she told me through clenched teeth, that if I removed it, death might follow!

Yes, First Communions can be very special. A day filled with faith, family, &  fun. Or they could be like mine.

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Thankfully for Brynley Heidebrink, it was not only filled with faith and family, but it was also very fun!

In Roman Catholic families, in particular, First Communion is very important. You study for it, you get a new white outfit for it (a cute dress, with a weird cape attached to it. Or was that just me?) and spend a lot of that day hoping you don't spill anything on it!

This religious ritual is the very first time that a Catholic receives the body (wafer) and blood (wine or grape juice) of Christ. When I was a kid, you didn't dare chew that Eucharist. You simply let it soften in your mouth until you could swallow it whole. And drinking from the chalice - no!

It can be a little intimidating and sometimes you just forget something from all the rehearsals and preparations, at the actual ceremony.

This is probably what happened to young Brynley Heidebrink from Brandon, South Dakota at her First Communion.

In an adorable, and now, viral video (over 10 million views!) You can watch Brynley chug the entire contents of the chalice, rather than the suggested sip. 

But hey, a girl gets thirsty! You go, Brynley!

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