Here's a home in Castlewood that definitely blends into its environment. As you drive down the dirt road you would be forgiven if you passed by and did not give it a second look. It looks like a barn but it actually is a huge modern home that was purpose-built in 1995 as a house.

What caught my attention was the HUGE living room. I like vaulted ceilings and this one is so high that it looks like you could throw a football around in there.

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There is another smaller home on the property that could be rented out. The total of square feet between the two homes is around 15,000. The property sits on 97 acres and there is an airstrip along three hangers to store all your planes. Don't own airplanes? Well, now you have an excuse to buy a few!

The main home has three bedrooms and five bathrooms. A bedroom sits at the top of the silo and offers great views of the surrounding countryside.

This home was last listed on Zillow at $1,400,000, plane not included.

Barn House

Riverview Heights Home

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