In the last two weeks throughout the United States, we have seen many images of protests, unrest, police brutality, riots, and arrests.

It all started with the murder of a black man named George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of a police officer who had his knee on his neck.

That moment changed history in America and it has had an impact on every community throughout the United States.

Included in that conversation is Sioux Falls who saw a peaceful protest on Sunday night turn to unrest at the Empire Mall later that evening.

That resulted in damage, confrontations, and eventually arrests throughout the week for those who broke the law.

Three of those individuals accused of breaking the law have seen a GoFundMe page go up to help raise money for their release from jail by using the funds to pay their bond and for legal fees in the future.

The GoFundMe Page explains the situation as follows:

We all saw the protest that took place in Sioux Falls, SD. The pain of the community could be seen far and wide. After the Black Lives Matter Protest the police department decided to arrest Tupak Kpeayeh, Jerome Sirleaf, and Christelle Youngbare for charges of Aggravated Assault on law enforcement and failure to disperse. The way to end the pain and suffering that our community is going through isn't by trying to imprison our black friends and family. Please take a moment to donate to the bail funds of these three. We still need 11,000 to get Jerome and Christelle out. Tupak's bond has been posted and he is safe at home. Contact  with any questions

They were charged with aggravated assault, riot, and refusal to disperse from the unlawful assembly.

The three individuals are Tupak Kpeayeh, Jerome Sirleaf, and Christelle Youngbare, with Kpeayeh already bonding out of jail according to the GoFundMe page.

Many know the name locally of Tupak Kpeayeh as he starred at Washington High School as a football player and is currently on the Morningside College roster entering his sophomore season as running back..

These weren't the only individuals facing issues stemming from the events last week, but they are the first I have seen locally to have a GoFundMe page to help their cause.

As some disagree with supporting those that broke the law according to the charges while others will and have donated to their cause.

It is a very unique and emotional time in our country and this is yet another example of that.

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