South Dakota is home to over 884,000 people. Yes, we are still considered flyover country by most of the country but I'm happy to call the 'great faces great places' state home.

With being a smaller state most of the time we don't have a lot of people in the spotlight or who are from South Dakota, but we do still have some shining stars! Here are nine famous people that have also called South Dakota home.

1) Bob Barker- ok Bob is probably a given but did you know he hosted the show 'The Price is Right' for almost 35 years?

2) January Jones-This actress has become quite the star as she has become known for her roles in feature films such as Mad Men, X-Men, and American Wedding. She was born right here in Sioux Falls but was later raised in Hecla, South Dakota.

3) Brock Lensar-Brock was born in Webster, South Dakota where he helped his parents with their dairy farm. Currently, he is a 4 time WWE Champion.

4) Mike Miller-Miller grew up in Mitchell, SD, and plays in the NBA and plays for The Denver Nuggets.

5) Adam Vinatieri- Also a well known South Dakotan if you go to or went to SDSU that is. Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks! Since his nephew, Chase Vinatieri attended the university. Adam has played in five NFL Super Bowls.

6) Tom Brokaw-Tom is an NBC Nightly News anchor. Brokaw continues to show his support for South Dakota by partaking in charity events throughout the state and often returns for visits.

7) Chad Greenway-Another football player makes the list! Greenway is from Mount Vernon, SD, and is a former NFL linebacker.

8) Mary Hart- Mary hosted the longest-running host of the celebrity gossip-themed show of all time. She was raised in Madison.

9) Mark Ellis-Former MLB player Mark Ellis is from SD He was born and raised in Rapid City

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