What do you want for Father's Day?  Dads around the world get asked the question every year and you know why we get socks and ties? Because we don't speak up! Actually, for me, it's socks and underwear. I usually don't wear a tie to work.

With that in mind, I thought I'd give you a couple of gift ideas. Some are a little pricier than others, but I think they'd like them none the less.

#1 How about an authentic Bourbon Barrel Cigar Box/Humidor!  You can actually pick one up that has features like;

  • Crafted from aromatic bourbon barrels
  • Handmade from still moist spirit-soaked wood from distinctive distillers like Maker’s Mark, which infuses your fine cigars
  • Includes a magnetized gold-tone humidifier and humidity sensor
  • Personalize with your name artistically etched into the wood

#2 Speaking of Bourbon, if your Dad recognizes Happy Hour how could you go wrong.

US Whiskey Exports To European Union Drop Due To Tariffs
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#3 Grill. Dads love to grill. I love to grill. The good thing about burning meat is that you can do it...for not a lot of money. From a 6 burner beast to a tabletop Weber, you can make your Fathers Day delicious for years to come.

May Day In Berlin
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#4 If your Dad still mows, you can sneak in and mow and trim his yard for him. Remember to use all the lawn care tips that he's so careful to tell you throughout the years. And don't forget to refill the mower after you shape up the yard so it's ready to go next time. Kinda like the kid from Virginia who said he'd like to mow the White House Lawn. The President seemed to like that!

President Accepts Offer From 11-Year-Old Virginia Boy To Mow Lawn Of White House
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#5 If you can't give your Dad an 85 inch TV, or he doesn't have room for it anyway, you can always set him up with the best gift. A high five, atta boy phone call. Love you's are optional depending on your family history, but a 'thanks for everything you do,' is always appreciated. If your Dad is over 55, he'd rather hear from you over the phone. If you're not on speaking terms throughout the year, a text or voice mail will work just fine.

Thank you for sharing this with your family members who you know are struggling what to get Dad this Father's Day Weekend?

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