No, it couldn't compete with the monster weekend hit 'Divergent' over the weekend, but the small budget film, 'God's Not Dead', took in $8.2 million. That's impressive considering it was still in limited release. In fact, it was the 3rd largest grossing film the weekend and was shown in only a few hundred theaters.

Century Stadium 14 was the only local theater to show the story of a college student who sets out to prove God’s existence, his faith, and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God.

The film did solid numbers in Sioux falls, according to Jaron Worlie, assistant manager of the Century 14 Theaters.

The film did what we expected this weekend. Solid. If the movie continues to show these kind of numbers, it should be here through Easter. - Jaron Worlie

The film is generating buzz from coffee shops to church pulpits.

Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” appears in the film, along with his wife, Korie, and has said in a recent interview with The Christian Post that the film has indeed strengthened his faith.

With Easter just weeks away, the box office seems to be in tuned with Christian  faith-based movies. Earlier this month, “Son of God” opened to $26 million at the box office while the epic Biblical tale “Noah” is expected to top the box office next weekend.